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Having trouble with profitable search arbitrage media buying? You know how to buy cheap traffic, but don't want to worry about maximizing revenue and the selling side?Then Maximizer.io is the solution.

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I'm Stefan, founder of Team Internet, the company behind TONIC and founder of Maximizer.io.Together with my partner Robert, who had built ParkingCrew we founded Maximizer end of last year after we understood what media buyers have the most problems with:Taking care of the buying and selling side at the same time.One side of this business is usually already a full-time job: Optimizing ads, creating videos, analyzing bounce rates, creating variants, finding new verticals and angles, ... The list of tasks for media buyers is endless.So we developed Maximizer.io - a system that takes all the issues on the selling side away from the media buyer: Selection of the best feed provider, optimization of keywords, templates and domains.

Maximizer.io Is Your Personal Selling Side AI

Similar to well-known platforms, with us you select the vertical you want to advertise, country and language and you get directly a target url, which is instantly active and to which you can direct the traffic of your ad. Without waiting time.When a user lands on the target url, we redirect him to the feed provider (currently TONIC or Sedo) and the layout and keywords that will bring the highest RPM. This is calculated by our AI in the background and in real time. Without delay in the redirect of course.

No Input Required From You

Unlike the current feed providers, our system recalculates and displays the best 3-10 keywords with each redirect.Our system optimizes these keywords not only globally, but individually for your campaign, your adgroup and if we have seen enough traffic, even on ad level. I.e. the ad ("...prices for SUVs in New York...") and the ad ("...unsold SUVs in New York...") will automatically play other keywords, even though they are in the same adgroup, let alone in the same campaign.Our system generates thousands of new keywords every day, which are constantly tested against the current best keywords. On average, the top 3 keywords change completely every 15 days.

Turn Traffic Into Profits

Maximizer.io will allow you as a media buyer to focus on what you do best. Buying and scaling traffic. We do the rest.

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Send me a message, let me know what flow you are promoting at the moment (traffic source and feed provider) and what revenues you are doing. And I will contact you.

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